Makeup Must-Haves: Lisa Kostka

Wondering what the most successful Certified Motives Consultants are using themselves? Lisa Kostka, director of training and sales for Motives® by Loren Ridinger®, offered some of her favorite Motives makeup products and services, how she’s using them and why they can help you build a successful Motives Cosmetics business.

Get Flawless Skin. Taking the free, online Skin Care Analysis will help you determine which products are best suited for your skin based on your unique needs. We have the best skin care products – Skintelligence, VitaShield, Cellular Laboratories – to clear up any skin concerns and prevent future damage.

Want Magnificent Nails? Check out our professional nail care sets. You can have freshly manicured nails wherever you go. They are made of stainless steel materials, very durable they are perfect for any quick fix on the go. After you’ve prepped your nails …

Now Give Them Some Glam and Panache. Choose from our wide collection of trendsetting colors from the Motives Nail Candy Collection. Our polish glides on smooth for a flawless, chip resistant, high-gloss shine.

Need Sun-Kissed Skin? Try our Motives Pressed Bronzer, a satiny, smooth-textured bronzer that gives you a safe and healthy tan instantly! Personally, I love California Girl.

Perform Makeup Magic. Create skin that looks flawless and smooth with Motives Perfecting Face Primer, an oil-free hydrating primer that evens out the surface of the skin helping foundation glide on smoother.

Stop Makeup Meltdowns. Help you makeup stay fresh all day long with Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray. It can be sprayed on immediately after makeup application and will help reduce the appearance of lines by keeping the makeup from settling into creases.

All About Brows. Having perfect, well-defined brows are very important to finish the makeup look and balance your features. Brows are sisters, NOT twins – no two brows are the same! I recommend the Motives Essential Brow Kit to help fill in the brows to make them balanced and even.

Bolder Lips in 29 days! Motives 40FY Lip Treatment plumps and hydrates lips by supporting collagen production to give you full sexy lips. This is great to keep by your bedside and use every night, you will wake up with soft hydrated lips!

Apply like a PRO. Professional high-quality brushes are vital to achieving the best makeup application. The Motives 15-Piece Pro Brush Set is a complete collection for aspiring makeup artists everywhere!

Entice Your Senses. Mine by Loren Ridinger brings you a feminine and elegant aroma of Gardenias combined with an aphrodisiac of intoxicating musk. It’s fresh and clean with a scent of seduction.

What do you think of Lisa’s suggestions? Are you a Certified Motives Consultant? What are your favorite products?

2 thoughts on “Makeup Must-Haves: Lisa Kostka

  1. From just the brief moment I looked at the topics the information is so informative and easy to follow. Whoever marketed this idea did a great job. This will help all who are working with Motives to understand what each and all products sell and marketing them. There are many sales tips as advice on how to reach and make a client happy with the must-have results in the beauty/fashion industry. Thanks!

  2. I love all the products and so do my clients! the Mineral line is very appealing also, I’m so glad La-La has made Motives more assessible to darker skintones! We need 12 hour lipstick! I’d be selling it like hotcakes to my bridal clients. Please add it to the collection! Also, please don’t discontinue New Moon Lipstick.It is perfect for the 20′s look that has been so popular with all the roaring 20′s parties happening lately! thanks, i’m so glad I got involved!

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