Dirty Little (Makeup Brush) Secrets

How many of you are cleaning your makeup brushes? My guess not many of you. This New Year we shall strive to do better: I say we because I am guilty of the dirty brush as well.

Think of it this way: Professional make up brushes are an investment and the best way to get the most out of your investment is to take care of it. Your makeup only looks as good as the tools you use to apply it.

Tips on cleaning makeup brushesBrushes should be cleaned on a consistent basis especially if you have acne prone or sensitive skin. So how often should you be cleaning your brushes? Here are some guidelines:

  • Foundation brushes: minimum once a week
  • Brushes used for finishing powders and bronzers: once a week
  • Blush brushes: once a week
  • Eye shadow brushes: every two or three days
  • Eyeliner brushes: after every use especially if you use an eyeliner sealant

How to clean

  • Dampen the bristles of the makeup brush with warm water.
  • Add a small amount of mild shampoo to the brush bristles and lather up.
  • Rinse the bristles of the brush under running water until the water turns clear
  • When all brushes are clean, run the bristles across the towel then lay them flat across the towel to air dry. Do not dry them standing up.

Properly cleaning your brushes will not only keep them in good condition, keeping them around for a lot longer.

Do you have any brush-cleaning secrets? Share them in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Dirty Little (Makeup Brush) Secrets

  1. If you would like to use Snap like Margaret here’s how much to use.

    4 oz water
    4 drops Snap Disinfectant
    4 drops Snap All Purpose Cleaner

  2. I’m guilty! I don’t wash mine. But will start now since you told us how.. Thanks!! That should help with break outs too I bet.. Sometime I get some where I put my blush and probably from a dirty blush brush : (

    • You are not alone Meredith, a lot of us are guilty. It’s something you don’t think about until it’s pointed out lol. Happy cleaning :)

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