Fierce Beauty: Motives for Redheads

Red is a bold hair color, no doubt. Whether you’re all natural or just enjoying being a ginger for a short amount of time, there are some specific makeup styles in a perfect color palette that will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

Pink and red naturally complement one another. When your locks are red, consider a pink lip color. Keep it light with Motives Rich Formula Lipstick in Pink Rose or darken it up by using Ruby or Venetian Red.

Dark lined eyes look stunning against red hair colors. For eyes that pop against red hair, use Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line in Jet Black and Motives Lustrafy HD Mascara in Onyx. Create a cat eye effect by slightly bringing the liner up and out at the outer corners of the eyes. With a dark eye line, the lid can stay pink using Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Heiress.

Don’t forget to swipe a hint of pink blush onto your cheeks to add warmth to your face. Motives for La La Mineral Blush in Socialite is the perfect rosy color for any skin tone.


Courtesy of Scottwhitear.blogspot.com


Do you rock red hair? What makeup tips do you have for other redheads? Tell us below!

Not a redhead? Check back for our features for blondes, brunettes, and statement hair colors… coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Fierce Beauty: Motives for Redheads

  1. I have red hair , and often find that make-up/cosmetics sometimes are just not the right shades for enhancing this beautiful phenomenon! I am of the opinion that every woman should own a red lipstick! Yes even redheads! So I am overjoyed to see that you have suggested 2 very beautiful shades of red. My favorite is Motives Rich Formula Lipstick .. Go Red! Love that color!Then tip it off with a bit of our Motives Lip shine in Tease. Blue eyes are easy to enhance, but often can be brutalized with too much color, so very warm tones of eyeshadow work well. One of my favorite palettes is Cappuccino as the base,Shimmer Taupe, and Midnight for contour colors. Top it off with a little Pink Gold or Vintage Glam in the middle …… you’re set! I’m so glad to see that you’re posting for specific shades of color! This is awesome!! Motives rocks, can’t find a better line !!!

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